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   Occasionally we have adult cats available who are retired from breeding or showing.

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Black & White, Blue-Eyed Female
7 years old

Missy is a Japanese Bobtail who ended up in a shelter through no fault of her own. We think she is around 7. Missy is very sweet, loves to sit on your lap and cuddle. Missy tolerates the other cats, but they tend to pick on her. She could be an only cat, or could live with another cat if it was the right match. She is fine with the dog.

She has a "love bite" problem--when she gets very happy, she tends to love bite, and she doesn't control the pressure very well, so they tend to hurt! We have been working with her on that, and she is getting better, but because of this she shouldn't be around younger children. Older children and teens that can understand how to apply behavior modification to help her get over this would be OK. She has never broken the skin, and she doesn't bite in anger or fear--just in cases where she is getting petted and gets a little too happy.

Missy needs and deserves a permanent home where she can be loved and cared for. She's had a tough time in the recent past. If you are interested in giving Missy a forever home, please contact bobtails@janipurr.com

GC Ginchika Very Fine Dilemma, DM
Silver Torbie and White Spayed Female

"Dilly" was a good mom and show cat. and was retired last year and placed in a home with an older lady. She was doing fine, and was well liked, until her new owner developed allergy-related asthma and was told that she needed to rehome Dilly. She is now back with me. Dilly was pretty depressed when she got here--I think she enjoyed being the only cat.

She is a talkative, friendly, well behaved girl, though she isn't a big cuddler or lap sitter. She comes to her name and solicits attention, but doesn't necessarily, sleep with you (or at least she doesn't with us). She used to get along well with the other cats in the house, and she is living with her daughter, though she may be a little spoiled now that she was an only cat for a year. Her former owner is willing to be contacted if you want to know more about her in her former home.

GC Ginchika Ji Kwon
Black and White Odd-Eyed Spayed Female
Born March 23, 2011

"Ji" is what we call a "cat with personality". She loves to have conversations, comes when called, is the first to check things out or play with the new toy. She is vocal, demanding, confident, and sometimes frustratingly smart. She will counter surf and steal food at will. She loves people, loves to snuggle, lap sit and sleep with you, and is up for a game at almost any time. She hates riding in the car.

She gets along very well with the other cats and the dog, and would do best with a companion to wrestle with occasionally (and she is very physical--loves to play wrestle and chase). She would probably love kids.

Ji's litter all came down with an upper respiratory infection when they were only a few weeks old, and though she fully recovered, the eye infection has left her with weepy eyes. The weepy eyes leave a dark residue that I wipe away every day. She is good for that (though she yells when you trim her nails), and it doesn't pose any danger to other cats. She is otherwise healthy with a good appetite--though she will steal your people food if you leave it out on the counter unattended. We just want to find Ji a home where her big personality will be appreciated.

Cacin's Capriccio Of Ginchika
Black and White Blue-Eyed Spayed Female
Born March 18, 2010

"Cici" is very affectionate with people. She loves to sit on laps and snuggle with you while sleeping. If you baby talk her she will reply with chirps, but is not usually very vocal. She is a well behaved girl, not tending to counter surf or scratch. She will often come when called.

Cici came to me as an outcross for my breeding program. Though she is a very sweet girl, she was never comfortable in the show hall and never progressed past champion. She proved to be unable to be a mother and so she was spayed. As a spay, she gets along moderately well with the other cats and is fine with the dog. She would be fine as an only cat or in a household with another laid back cat or two.


Updated 18 Sept 2013